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RapidWeaver 5 Book

Most who know RapidWeaver have been introduced to stacks and know Joe Workman - a prominent stack developer.  Joe has a new book out - RapidWeaver 5, Beginner's Guide.
First, don't let the Beginner's subtitle fool you, there's plenty to read & learn even for those of us who thought we knew everything ;).
The book is a great exploration and great reference tool to help everyone use RapidWeaver more fully.  It has 11 chapters that covers everything from digging into RW & setting up a site to the final steps of getting it published.  

A general review of what RapidWeaver is and how it compares to other know web publishers and how it fits into the scheme of the mac universe.  How to get get started & what you'll need.

A tour de force of the settings controls and panels.  A lot of things are hidden in various places and this gives a thorough review of what everything thing and where it is.

Themes are one of the biggest advantage of RapidWeaver and this goes into the all the details of what can be done with themes and and even some advanced editing of theme styles.

The Styled text page has always been the work horse of the lot and this goes into the details of how to applied formatting and style choices to your content.  From text styling, to image tinkering to linking everything - it explains it all.

Stacks has allowed the way in the newest offerings to the RapidWeaver community.  A clear review of all the controls and editing panels is given, as well as a review of the built-in stacks available to the user.

A review of all the basic page types is given and with the explosion of stacks, an assortment of stacks are highlighted to explain some of the offerings out there.  To be sure, there are many more, and a good resource is [StacksCenter]( to review and see ratings on stacks.

Continuing on a review of pages, multimedia page types are reviewed along with a sampling of multimedia stacks.  It runs the gamut, from photos, to collages, image stacks, to video and file sharing.

With a lot of emphasis on social media, this takes an in-depth look at blogs, social media integration and even some content management solutions.

If you're serious about online commerce, then this goes through the offerings available for payment processing and addons available to build online stores.

A website, by it's very nature, is available to the world and as such, this goes into how to optimize your site for search engines and some of the stacks & plugins available.

This focuses on advanced tips and techniques available to get the most out of your site and to help you with advanced questions that everyone has from time to time.

Overall, the book is a great resource and Joe should be commended for taking the time to compile all the info for users.  If you need more convincing, a sample chapter is available.  The e-version is available for $22.94 & a hard-copy book + e-version is $40.49

If you know of anyone who's thinking about getting RapidWeaver, then let them know about this - I'm sure the book would be a great resource for them.